Why consider
travelling to India

Consider traveling to India for its rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, vibrant festivals, and mouthwatering cuisine. India offers a unique blend of ancient traditions and modern experiences, from exploring historic monuments like the Taj Mahal to embarking on spiritual journeys along the Ganges River. Whether you're seeking adventure in the Himalayas, relaxation on tropical beaches, or immersion in bustling cities, India has something to offer every traveler.


Minar Group is a leading aviation, travel & MICE group headquartered in New Delhi. The group companies specialize in airline representation (GSA), airport ground handling services, destination representation, Inbound & Outbound tour operators, air tickets, conferences and exhibitions management, to sum up, we have done everything related to travel and tourism for more than 31 years. Our operations are in the Indian subcontinent and employ 100+ professionals spread across India and overseas.

We strive to amplify our work standards to deliver world-class travel services and experiences to our customers & partners across the globe.

With 21 years of expertise in the Indian market, Minar Airways – an IATA arm of Minar Group, offers all the travel services in one place. From air ticket reservations to travel insurance, we aim to be a one-stop shop for all travel-related queries. The brand is well known and trusted for its highest quality, service and delivery.

Our Vision

Life is a journey that treasures tremendous possibilities. This belief inspires Minar Group to work relentlessly towards shaping your voyages across this beautiful planet. From our airline partners, tour operators, corporates, exhibitors and solo travellers Minar is enjoying their trust for its highest quality of services and commitment. We strive to bring people of this planet closer with man-to-man contact.

Mission Statement

At Minar, we are committed to growth by understanding & meeting the expectations of our customers, partners & employees. We aim to establish the highest quality standard of services & excel in business with consistent improvement. While we constantly aim for new heights, we are also aware of our Corporate Social Responsibility & strive to contribute to uplift the less privileged. Minar Ideology is the belief when one has more than one needs, one ought to build a longer table, not a taller fence.


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