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travelling to Estonia

If you were to play connect-the-dots with a map, Estonia would be the link between Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe. With 1.3 million residents and more than 2 million foreign visitors each year, Estonia is one country where annual tourists exceed the local population. However, this still leaves plenty of peace and quiet, especially deep in nature. Do you want to disconnect yourself from the world and stay in a tent or enjoy the scenery from the comfort of a luxury hotel? Or maybe you want to take your group on a day-long trek through deep wilderness or just make a few stops in an air-conditioned bus? How about using a top-rated manor house accommodation as a base for exploring the countryside by bicycle? There are loads of options at both ends of the adventurous-to-comfortable spectrum as well as outdoor activities happening all year round. The choice is yours! Let us surprise you!

10 Reasons why you need to add Estonia to your bucket list!

  • The city of Tallinn is one of the world’s best-kept secrets, almost completely surrounded by original medieval walls, it is regarded as the best-preserved old town in Europe
  • Explore pure Estonian nature at Soomaa or Lahemaa National Park. There are five national parks in Estonia, and a visit to at least one should be required
  • Wander Kalamaja and Telliskivi – Kalamaja, along with Telliskivi and Noblessner, is a lovely neighbourhood in Tallinn, just next to the Old Town and the Balti Jaam railway station. Loved for its relaxed, bohemian atmosphere, colourful wooden buildings, and its lively culture and nightlife, the area draws in locals and visitors from around the city
  • Push the limits of your adventure holiday in Estonia with off-road racing, go karting and rallying, or test your climbing-sliding-swinging skills at a nearby adventure park or Sky Walk on the Tallinn TV Tower. With over 50 different challenges, adventure lovers are in for a real treat here.
  • Dine at the TOP restaurants in Tallinn, ask us for suggestions. When the sun sets, Estonia’s restaurant and bar scene bursts to life. This small country has culinary and entertainment offerings that rival any popular city in Europe. From pubs to jazz bars to fancy lounges, tourists and locals alike enjoy live music, renowned craft beer, and innovative cocktails in intimate settings, and numerous area nightclubs remain open well after sunrise
  • Spa break in Estonia – luxury for every budget. Estonia has a large variety of spas where you can experience luxury without breaking the bank. Whether you seek something in the heart of the city or the secluded countryside, high-tech treatments or old-school organics, there is a spa for you
  • Perfect countryside holidays, Estonia boasts more than 1000 castles and manors dating back as far as the 13th century
  • It’s the perfect place for the travelling entrepreneur. Startups and technological paradise, that has Wi-Fi just about everywhere you go and almost every service available online
  • Visiting neighbouring countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Russia is easy due to the short distances.
  • Go get lost on islands. There are over 2,300 islands off the Estonian coastline. Because of the authentic setting, tranquillity and sustainable way of life the West Estonian Archipelago is part of UNESCO Man and Biosphere reserve.


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