Professional relationships
with our highly reputed DMC’s

As an extension of a represented DMC’s office, we also provide valuable service to the MICE Agent and Wholesaler. Through on-going support and communication, we work closely with the market, ensuring that they receive the necessary information and service delivery to make the best informed decisions to provide the most effected travel solutions to their customers.
Service Excellence
We believe in offering our clients personal service and endeavor to meet all of our client’s requests, irrespective of the nature of the request. Service Excellence continues throughout the design and booking process and well after you return from your trip. We worry about the little things before you even think of them.
Unique & Inspirational
We love discovering new places, new experiences, and making them accessible to you. In a way that suits your needs. Our purpose is to create something completely unique for you, wherever you want to travel to, however you want to do it. There’s no off-the-shelf package service in this place
We pride ourselves in going a step further than the rest to make sure your experience is as seamless, hassle-free and inspiring as possible. Our clients have the confidence and trust in our abilities and know that we have the ability to make well informed decisions every step of the way.

solid partnerships

Worldview specializes in representing international Destination Management Companies (DMCs), committed to developing solid partnerships with the South African outbound travel market. Through our extensive database of key industry players, we encourage long-lasting and professional relationships with our highly reputed DMC.s.

Worldview’s DMCs have been carefully selected to suit the South African market, considered to be leading DMCs in their respective destinations, having excellent reputations with local suppliers and strong buying power. All of our DMCs share a mutual interest to provide the highest level of service, integrity and creativity to our market.

Services to our
represented DMCs

  • Sales and Marketing services to establish the DMC’s brand identity and position their brand as a preferred supplier to both FIT and MICE segments.
  • Conducting and setting up face-to-face meetings for our DMCs with key decision-makers at the most desired travel companies in our market.
  • Sending regular campaigns through email broadcasting and newsletters keeping the industry informed and updated on exciting developments within the DMC’s destination.
  • Organizing hosted buyer groups every year to travel to exhibitions such as IMEX and IBTM
  • Inviting screened buyers to focused FAM trips to generate the most return on investment.
  • Prepare and send customized monthly sales reports to each of our DMC partners to keep them informed of industry movements and trends.
  • Work closely with the major international airlines, providing mutual benefit and support when it comes to promoting specific destinations.
  • Regular training sessions and workshops for the trade to improve general product knowledge and brand awareness
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