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There are very few places in the world where you can indulge in such a variety of experiences: soaking the sun on a golden beach, trekking up a cool hillside terrain, venturing into dense rainforest, witnessing an elephant gathering, wildlife safaris, envisaging the magnificently rich history of the island. the list goes on and on. The culture of Sri Lanka is as vibrant as its sights. The people are friendly and famous for their inimitable Sri Lankan hospitality. Accommodation in Sri Lanka ranges from budget hotels and beach resorts to lavish boutique hotels and private villas offering world class services. Most visitors are spoilt for choice in this little island paradise. After a civil war which raged for three decades, Sri Lanka is finally at peace which has resulted in the island begin featured on many top travel destination to-do list such a Lonely Planet and Conde Nast.
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Tour Blue Holdings (Pvt) Limited was founded in 2013 by a team of passionate individuals with the aim of creating and facilitating unique travel experiences for the discerning traveller.

We offer a myriad of exotic tour packages that range from the major tourist destinations on the island to experiences leading off the beaten track. We have integrated many of these experiences into our tailor-made travel packages and we also give you the ability to create your own trip with many options that you consider.

From hill country tours, ancient city tours, wildlife tours and safari tours, adventure tours, and special interest tours to diving and surfing, whale and dolphin watching… the list goes on. We are fully geared with the knowledge and expertise to take you beyond the surface and what you already know and uncover the hidden treasure of a perfect holiday.

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