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Italy is not just one destination but a lot of special and different destinations all in one: each region of our amazing country has an incredible variety of experiences to offer to you and to your next group. Experience dinner at the Vatican, F1 driving in Monza Race track, Ferrari driving on the hills of Chianti, a private concert in St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, cooking classes with Michelin chefs in Milan, hydroplanes tours on Italian lakes, gala dinner on a light tower on the cliffs of Sardinia or the best car launch along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast. No matter where you want to go, what you want to see, or what services, incentives, events you want to experience, we have the ability to execute to perfection!
Lorenzo Pignati
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Our story begins in 2010 when Lorenzo Pignatti, DMCP, a young entrepreneur opened the doors of +39 Italy headquartered in the vibrant city of Milan, thus heralding the start of a brilliant journey. From the initial stages, it soon became evident this new DMC would represent a disrupting but positive force in the Italian marketplace, providing state-of-the-art logistics, modern creativity, extreme adaptability and overall a totally different approach to that of the strong competitors in the market.
At TERRAEVENTS we let our values lead us and we believe that when your feet are firmly on the ground, your fantasy can freely fly allowing you to craft truly unforgettable events, winning over hearts and minds.
Our promises are inspired by our values which in turn constitute our identity and our name: Trust, Evolution, Responsiveness, Responsibility, Adaptability
Our name may be new but we’ve been around for many years as +39 ITALY; under our previous identity we’ve won many industry awards but we are certainly not resting on our laurels, evolution being a force constantly in motion.
We have now become TERRAEVENTS, with the full leverage of the proud legacy of our past ushering in a new name, a new look, a new feel and above all a renewed promise to be there for you in Italy

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