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How can we really present all the beauties of any country in a couple of sentences? Well, for Serbia we need a little bit of east, a little bit of west, we need a little bit of salt and a little bit of sugar, some miracle of nature, a couple of spoons of history mixed with myths and legends, a huge appetite for tasty cuisine and standard large portions, a lot of understanding for people who have been making their own wines and brandies for centuries, which are always better then their neighbor’s…. That is not the whole story, that is a rough picture and the thin lines of the image that represents Serbia: with all it’s cultural differences, historical facts and fairy tales, with its natural beauties that will take your breath away and friendly people who will make you feel like home.

Though a relatively small country in South Eastern Europe, Serbia offers a wide variety of tourism experiences – a classic city break in the capital Belgrade, a peaceful getaway in the flats of Vojvodina, an exclusive river cruise down the stunning canyons of Danube or Drina rivers, beautiful landscapes of Kopaonik, Tara and Zlatibor mountains, medieval architectural  masterpieces that are Serbian Orthodox monasteries and a blossoming wine region of Sumadija. And the best part, wherever you go in Serbia, the food is delicious and is always a highlight.

Serbs will do everything in their power to make you feel welcome and at home, and will make your trip an unforgettable experience.

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The name Fogg Travel Club comes from the main character of Jules Vernes’ book “Around the world in 80 days” – Phileas Fogg, an uptight English gentleman who accepts a wager with members of the prestigious Reform Club to travel around the world in 80 days. Accepting the challenge where every second counts, awakens a passion in him to follow his dreams. On his trip he finds emotions and experiences that he never felt before, realizing that “The world is a beautiful place if you only take time to travel around it”.

With this notion at its core, Fogg Travel Club has successfully positioned itself in the field of corporate travel, carefully managing all the client’s needs and still spicing things up with unique experiences. Hence, all the Fogg Travel Club programs have that tiny bit of eccentricity and funkiness that add to the overall experience and deliver the product of the highest value to the client. Creativity, comfort, adventure and personalized service are among the most important features that make the difference between a tourist and a traveller.

Through Go Serbia brand, Fogg Travel Club promotes unconventional places and concepts for travel and events. Our goal is to provide an originally packaged product while keeping professionalism and attention to detail at the highest level. For all those who want to change the perspective of everyday life and get to know unique Serbia, Fogg Travel Club and its programs are just the right places.

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