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Madagascar is an island country in the Indian Ocean just off the southeastern coast of Africa. It has been the inspiration for many documentaries and movies and is one of the most interesting and intriguing places on Earth. While you may think you know a lot about Madagascar, there are some interesting, little-known facts that may surprise you. Here are 8 cool facts about this popular island country

Wonders of the World,  8 Cool Facts About Madagascar

  1. Most of Madagascar’s wildlife is found nowhere else on Earth
  2. Lemurs are sacred in Madagascar
  3. Madagascar was settled by Asians before mainland Africans
  4. Before French colonial rule, Madagascar was ruled by a woman
  5. Many native plants of Madagascar have medicinal properties
  6. There may have been an anarchist pirate utopia in Madagascar
  7. Madagascar has strong human rights protections
  8. The cuisine of Madagascar reflects its cultural diversity
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