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“People who had never been there, and who possibly never could go there, spoke of Georgia with a kind of longing and a great admiration. They spoke of Georgians as supermen, as great drinkers, great dancers, great musicians, great workers and lovers. And they spoke of the country in the Caucasus and around the Black Sea as a kind of second heaven… It is a magical place, Georgia, and it becomes dream-like the moment you have left it. And the people are magic people. It is true that they have one of the richest and most beautiful countries in the world, and they live up to it.” - John Steinbeck Russian Journal, 1948

Georgia, one of the most eclectic countries on the planet, represents an ancient civilization of the world still preserving its unique identity, cultural heritage and language. The country located at the place where Europe meets Asia is famed for its magnificent history, traditions, exceptional hospitality, cuisine and wine. After all, Georgia is proven to be the birthplace of wine with 8,000 years of wine-making history.

Despite its ancient history, Georgia is still undiscovered by many in the world. This country holds specific charm characteristics of no other country in the world, manifested in a magnificent landscape, natural beauty, winding cobblestone streets dominated by the ruins of the old fortresses, outstanding cuisine and exceptional relationship among the people.


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Georgian Travel House is an inbound travel company specializing in MICE tourism and staffed with professionals having more than 20 years of experience in organizing conferences, training, meetings and other important events.

The professional attitude to the work coupled with experience, contacts and passion gives the possibility to the company to handle very complex MICE projects. Our primary goal is to make clients comfortable when working with us which first of all, implies safety and security and then, the rest of the characteristics. Noteworthy to mention, the sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aspects are integrated into our everyday activities and projects are undertaken.

The success of our company is based on QUALITYRELIABILITY, and CREATIVITY.

QUALITY is in the flesh of our everyday life, the way we plan and achieve objectives and cooperate with our clients and partners. We understand that our suppliers are no less important than our customers since some of the services are delivered by us through them. We work with our suppliers to offer the best service to our clients and thus, achieve common success.

RELIABILITY and long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers, as well as our company’s reputation and professionalism of the staff is the foundation of our activities.

We make all attempts to integrate CREATIVITY in the services in order to please the customers as well as make the work interesting for us.

All this is part of the story, the rest needs to be experienced with us… We will make sure that you feel at home and that Georgia remains truly engraved in your heart!!!

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