If there’s one constant about the USA, it’s change. The country’s pioneer spirit is reflected in its bold outlook and ever-evolving nature, which extends to all corners of the land, from the gleaming skyscrapers of New York to star-saturated Hollywood and even beyond, to the first human landing on the moon.
9 things everyone should know before visiting the USA
1. The US is big, 3.8 million square miles big
2. It’s the United States of America, remember there are fifty of them
3. Everything’s open 24/7, if you know where to look
4. The country’s national parks are spectacular
5. There’s a festival for everything: roadkill, fungus, garlic you name it
6. Americans are relentlessly friendly
7. The US also excels at wildly innovative, gourmet cuisine.
8. America’s car culture is unrivalled
9. Baseball is America’s pastime


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GET Destinations is a full service Destination Management Company, specializing in incentives, meetings, product launches and stand-alone events and aims to provide incentive clients worldwide with innovative and creatively executed ideas when visiting North America.

What sets GET Destinations apart is that they travel with clients to the event destination no matter where it is located within North America. Clients do not have to work with several different agencies when doing a multiple city incentive. This provides high and consistent standards of services throughout the event, and one point of contact throughout the planning stages.

The GET Destinations team is based in Orlando and Chicago, but works with a strong network of local staff in all of the major incentive and meeting destinations within the USA and Canada. Greg Anderson, the VP of Operations at GET Destinations and originally from South Africa has extensive experience in planning events, incentives and meetings throughout the world, and has worked in three countries. He is assisted by Jenny Bayer, his Operations Manager and an experienced team dedicated to providing the best possible service. GET Destinations has been operating in the USA for more than nine years.