India, world’s seventh largest country comprises much more into its lap; the demography is too vibrant to overcome any sort of interest and any sort of taste; from the whirling beaches in the south to the Himalayas in the north; from the dry deserts in the west to the highest average annual rainfall at Mawsynram in the east; the central terrain of India is rich in wildlife and intricate flora & fauna.

Historical Aspects: Indian is as old as the world, with several pristine civilizations like Indus Valley, the early age of 3300 BC, had been hub of ancient education system, the divine history of this land has miserably turned out mythology; nevertheless the world has accepted this land, a holy one. India is a prominent destination for Yoga & Meditation; Ayurveda & Spa; Gurukul Education system, the most inexpensive as well as most effective in disguise. Besides, innumerable philosophers, theorists and soothsayers had chosen India for their ultimate objectives of lives. Construction methods, approach for a socially disciplined lifestyle, hospitality and nursing are the key stakes existing ever since the land of India Darwinist.

Religious Aspects: Home of more than a billion Hindus, is the motherland of many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism & Sikhism etc. There are innumerable shrines across the vast land of India related to these religions; India is officially a secular country characterizing no state religion in any manner. Holy hymns and enchanted religious rhymes pretend to grab your pious attention of everyone intermittently. People are accustomed to bowing heads in front of mighty god, be it from any religion and community, this is India; communal harmony is very much admired.

Facts & Figures: India consists of 28 States and 09 Union Territories; with 35 world heritage sites by UNESCO, this destination is very rich in cultural enrichment’s and bio-diversity. As much as 22 official languages and more than a thousand of local dialects are imperatively raised when we talk about the unity & diversity of India overjoying its feat with a great population closed to 1.3 billion. It is conventional to experience changes in religious beliefs and way of worshiping the master at every dozen of miles. One looking for most varied and diversified experiences, India is the best answer forever.

Why India: India is for anyone, may enjoy cultural tours, luxury escapes, textile experiences, luxury & heritage trains, river cruise tours etc. home of classical music & dances; top rated world class hotels & resorts, rural experiences and responsible tourism can be undertaken here, the world’s largest gathering; as much as 140 million people at ‘Maha Kumbh Fair’ has listed India in the Guinness Book of World Record. The government of India has set E-Visa or VOA for several nationalities; excellent connect with the world by air and water and many tourist friendly resources to empower the touristic movement in the county. More than 25 international and 102 domestic airports laid the foundation even more strongly for the visitors. Variety of attractions like; cultural, natural, man-made or symbiotic etc. advocate its presence; with more abundant mid-range travel options, now India as a whole is for everyone.


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