From the deserts and towering peaks of the Sierra Madre mountain range in the north to the jungles and mystical archaeological ruins of the south, Mexico is a country of incredible diversity and landscapes. There is something to appeal to every visitor and the great dilemma is what to select in order to have a good first idea of what Mexico is all about. It goes without saying that in order to get to know the country well, several visits will be necessary!

The four important areas to visit in Mexico for the client interested in planning an incentive program are in the north Los Cabos, at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula, in the west Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific coast, in the south-east Cancun and its neighbour the Riviera Maya, on the Caribbean coast and in the centre Mexico City, the capital of the country. It is quite possible to plan a combined program also including Mexico City and any of the other three destinations mentioned, though because of distances we would not recommend planning a combination of Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta with Cancun for instance.

However these are not the only destinations to consider in Mexico, as the whole interior of the country is also covered with beautiful towns and villages, archaeological sites, exciting venues and so many other attractions which include the history and traditions of Mexico. Destination Mexico has considerable experience in building programs to take in some of these aspects and to integrate our programs with the history and traditions of this wonderful country.

For the ordinary visitor to the country we also have several programs which are designed to run as circuit tours of some of the above-mentioned areas and can be found in the ‘Tours’ section of this web page.

We hope you will take advantage of what Mexico has to offer to the visitor to its shores and allow Destination Mexico to be able to show you this wonderful country we call home!

Destination Mexico offers professional support and expertise in the following areas:

– Incentives
– Conferences
– Meetings
– Conventions
– Special Events
– Business Travel
– Regular Tour and Travel
– Specialised Tour Programmes

We particularly try to integrate the culture and tradition of Mexico into our programs, so that clients have a good idea of what Mexico is really like and don’t just see the country from a tourist’s point of view. This has brought us a considerable reputation and has shown us to be different.


Ms Rocia Arrieta
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Destination Mexico first opened its doors in March 1988 and since those humble beginnings has grown to become one of the most respected and prestigious DMCs both in Mexico and around the world. Through our now 6 offices we strive to maintain the excellent reputation we have for honesty, integrity, professionalism and seriousness in all we do. Destination Mexico never rests. We are always looking for a new venue, new experience, new opportunity to enhance the considerable portfolio of ideas we have already throughout this destination. Our goal is simple: to always be one step ahead and to consistently exceed all our client’s expectations. In all our years of operation we strongly believe we have achieved this goal, as our ever-growing list of testimonials proves. In Destination Mexico you have a partner you can trust. So many top-class clients from all over the world cannot all be wrong; we have proved time and time again that our level of service is hard to beat anywhere and the care and attention we give to you is the same if your group is 10 persons or 1,000.

Allow us the opportunity to work alongside you and to show you that Destination Mexico is your best option in Mexico.