The Maldives conjures images of perfect paradise islands with powdery-white sands dotted around the turquoise ocean. Unrivalled luxury, stunning white-sand beaches and an amazing underwater world make the Maldives an obvious choice for a true incentive of a lifetime. The Maldives is home to perhaps the best beaches in the world: they’re on almost every one of the country’s nearly 1200 islands and are so consistently perfect that it’s hard not to become blas about them. Every resort in the Maldives is its own private island, and with over 100 to choose from the only problem is selecting where you want to stay. Unrivalled luxury, stunning white-sand beaches and an amazing underwater world make the Maldives an obvious choice for a true incentive of a lifetime.
The Maldives is a trendy and contemporary MICE holiday destination. The Maldives is situated in a strategically significant location amidst the equator. Hence, easier access to the Maldives aboard first-class airlines and cruise liners has made it a hub for MICE events. The MICE industry of the Maldives is known for providing specialized clients with extensive planning and excellent services.
There are five star facilities like convention centres and meeting halls offered by the resorts, specially allocated to MICE events. These venues are annually home to numerous international business meetings, diplomatic meetings, conventions and trade fairs. Equipped with modern technologies, the MICE locales also have multi-language translation booths for holding multi-national conferences.
These large convention centres housed in scenic resorts can accommodate hundreds of participants. Every need of the attending guests and organizing of the events is undertaken by professional staff with years of experience in planning, booking and facilitating conferences and seminars. Accordingly these specialized staffs are capable of managing international and regional conferences.
Visitors to the Maldives for MICE events are assured of a pleasant environment to conduct productive events, superior accommodation options, international cuisine and world-class hospitality.


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We are proud to be part of a family legacy of two generations that has showcased this part of the world for over 38 years. We have grown to become a prominent, respected and independent Destination Management Company offering the finest of cultural experiences, personal immersions and natural wonders all over India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Tibet & the Maldives.
Our team has worked hard to grow from strength to strength. We won our first national award in 1979 and today have emerged to be recognised by the World Travel Awards as Asia's Leading Destination Management Company (2015/2014 / 2013 / 2012) and India's Leading Destination Management Company (2015/2014 / 2013 / 2012 / 2011) and also India’s Leading Luxury Agency in 2015 & 2014. Our specialist team handling incentives has 6 prestigious “SITE Crystal Awards" in its portfolio. Just a few of the 53 global and national recognitions presented to us for our services.
We are a company with great influence in the region, with strong industry linkages and unquestionable credibility. Our reputation allows us priority and access at hotels, venues and with other providers across our region. We use our reputation & goodwill to ensure the very best for our partners like you.
We understand the difference between being cheap and offering value. Price is important, but more important is consistency in services and ensuring the customer comes back to you for their next trip. Our team has a strong attention to detail and a desire to question the conventional. They understand the need to be different in what we offer, in the importance of speed in their responses and in being vibrant in their thoughts.
I would give credit for our success to our over 150 team members across our system who strive to deliver a flawless, world class destination experience. We recognise that we are only as good as the people that work for us and therefore invest heavily in product training and skill development, the results of which are reflected in the way we treat our partners and in the high levels of guest satisfaction we achieve. At Creative, we have the perfect blend of a professional environment with the governing values of a family run company. The people that works for us are truly amongst the best in the industry.
Every organisation needs a soul, a mission, a foundation. To us, business is about building relationships. Our partners are our family, not numbers. Our travellers are guests not clients. We do not want to be the largest company in India, just the best. We hold close to our hearts the values of integrity, of partnership, of quality and of trust - trust of our employees, of our partners, of our travellers. To us, working in this industry is a passion. We love showing the world the amazing sights & sounds that make this region truly incredible.
Some things are just never to be compromised.
We look forward someday to the opportunity of welcoming you to our world, a Creative World.