There are numerous reasons why Egypt is the perfect location for an unforgettable vacation or incentive.

First of all the location; Egypt has a relatively central location which makes it accessible to every continent. Also, the fact that it lies on the Mediterranean and Red sea ensures the availability of several beaches as well as beautiful weather all year round.

Secondly, Egypt is exotic; Egyptian culture is very unique, warm and welcoming. Egypt offers everything from ancient history to modern and up to date venues. Egypt has a variety of cuisines and attractions. Probably the best thing about Egypt is the value for money. You can do so much around the country, get your employees to experience so much and have a fantastic time for great value.

Across the ages, people from all over the world have lived in Egypt and influenced Egypt’s 7000-year-old history at different points in time. You will find the pharonic monuments, the ancient Roman and Greek architecture, the Ottoman cultural influences, the European feel and the Middle Eastern touch. All these cultures blend into what is now the Egyptian culture and have shaped Egypt’s history in very obvious ways.

From visiting the Sinai mountains and beaches in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, to taking a cruise in the beautiful southern part of the Nile amidst history and tranquility, to getting caught up in the buzz of the big cities like Cairo and visiting the only standing ancient world wonder the pyramids, to getting some Mediterranean charm, to discovering the desert on a safari and visiting an oasis, Egypt has everything to offer.

Egyptians value tourism and welcome travelers in the most hospitable ways. Egypt offers many different types of hotels, resorts amongst other types of accommodation. Even obtaining the Egyptian visa is no issue for the majority of passport holders.


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Emeco Travel is a leading travel company in Egypt, offering comprehensive travel services to individuals, groups, and corporations. In the 35 years since its inception, Emeco established itself as a pioneer in introducing incentive travel to the region. Since then it has expanded to become the premier travel organization and Destination Management Corporation in Egypt.

Emeco is revolutionizing the Egyptian travel and tourism industry. We aim to provide world-class services and outstanding value for money, backed by our experienced staff and our high-technology infrastructure. We are continuously thriving and expanding through our network of worldwide independent associates, all the while striving to ensure flexibility and individualized attention to our clients.

At Emeco, we hold true to the following company values:

  • Quality: We insist on providing the highest quality service to all of our clients, ensuring that in all of our actions we are efficient, organized, and professional.
  • Customer Focus: We do our best to address our clients' needs. We do this by listening carefully to make sure we understand those needs, then offering alternatives and graciously accepting their changes.
  • Innovation: We anticipate our clients' needs, creating new service offerings accordingly.
  • Value: We ensure that all of our services are priced reasonably so that our clients get excellent value for their money.
  • Integrity: We act with integrity at all times. We are honest and transparent in our actions, unbiased in selecting suppliers, and strict in maintaining client confidentiality.